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Bastian Prugger, Specialist Technical Legislation, AVL | LinkedIn

Thomas Mauthner, Lead Engineer ADAS System Design, AVL

Gergely Dian, Lead Engineer ADAS/AD Calibration, Verification & Validation, AVL

In its endeavour to reduce road deaths to almost zero by 2050, the European Union has stated that vehicle technology will play a critical part in achieving its goal.

The new General Safety Regulation (GSR) legally mandates various ADAS functions from 2022 onwards, and the complexity of these requirements will undoubtedly put pressure on vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers. But what exactly will be required, and by when?

In this free webinar, AVL’s Bastian Prugger, Thomas Mauthner, and Gergely Dian discuss how the company’s expertise in legal consulting, ADAS system engineering, and testing and validation, can help stakeholders achieve GSR compliance efficiently.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Obtain the latest updates on the new GSR legislation and its implications
  • Learn about the legal landscape and AVL’s approach to achieving cost-effective and on-time implementation of the new requirements
  • Understand AVL’s controls solution – fully compliant systems with automotive legal requirements
  • Discover the verification process and its environment within AVL

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Meet the experts

Bastian Prugger

Specialist Technical Legislation, AVL

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Thomas Mauthner

Lead Engineer ADAS System Design, AVL

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Gergely Dian

Lead Engineer ADAS/AD Calibration, Verification & Validation, AVL