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Christian Mentin, Scientist, Silicon Austria Labs | LinkedIn

Juergen Schneider, Solution Manager Virtual Battery Development, AVL | LinkedIn

To tackle the engineering challenges of automotive power electronics design, adopting an effective simulation toolbox is crucial.

In this free webinar, AVL’s Juergen Schneider and Christian Mentin from Silicon Austria Labs discuss how designs can be tested and optimised in virtual environments before and during real-world implementation.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Understand the challenges that power electronics face in e-mobility, and why the industry demands new solutions to support fast charging and high efficiency
  • AVL Simulation Suite enables a holistic virtual testing approach encompasing all vehicle components in realistic driving simulations
  • Model-based development is decisive to reach the full potential of new technologies and concepts
  • High-fidelity multiphysics simulation plays an important role in the effort to simultaneously increase power density and reliability
  • An electrothermal co-simulation use case shows how to obtain the accurate insights needed for advanced system design

Webinar video

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Meet the experts

Christian Mentin

Scientist, Silicon Austria Labs

Juergen Schneider

Solution Manager Virtual Battery Development, AVL