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Denise Maier, Global Coordinator Engineering, AVL | LinkedIn

Sari Abwa, Global Business Segment Manager, AVL | LinkedIn

Martin Steinbauer, Global Segment Manager, AVL | LinkedIn

In this free webinar, three experts from AVL provide exclusive insight into the creation of a tech center capable of meeting future mobility testing demands.

The experts discuss the numerous stages of creating a future mobility tech center, and provide several working examples, including a recent project that took place in Germany.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • How to match a development environment to development demand
  • How to develop a tech center concept
  • How to use virtual reality to support the concept phase
  • How to operate global tech centers
  • How to reach a CO2 neutral and sustainable test field
  • How to engineer locally with a global standard

Webinar video

Meet the experts

Denise Maier

Global Coordinator Engineering, AVL

Sari Abwa

Global Business Segment Manager, AVL

Martin Steinbauer

Global Segment Manager, AVL