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Dr. Christoph Pötsch, Principal Development Engineer Software, AVL | LinkedIn

Dr. Anton M. Reiter, Development Engineer PEM Systems, AVL | LinkedIn

Using virtual twins in HiL and SiL environments, especially in FCCU calibration, is the ultimate Turing test for the underlying model. It requires the highest accuracy, robustness, and computational performance with real-time capability.

In this free webinar, AVL’s Dr Christoph Pötsch and Dr Anton M. Reiter provide insight into various aspects of simulation software development and engineering for fuel cell systems, highlighting the mutual benefits of the two disciplines under one roof.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Multi-physical simulation for supporting PEMFC system development
  • Scalable modelling depth for stack and BoP components
  • Automated model parameterization and validation for transient operation
  • Components sizing and system performance assessment
  • System simulation for SiL/HiL aided calibration

Webinar video

Webinar slides

Meet the experts

Dr. Christoph Pötsch

Principal Development Engineer Software, AVL

Dr. Anton M. Reiter

Development Engineer PEM Systems, AVL