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Jihas Khan, Specialist - Autonomous Driving, Electric Vehicles, Tata Elxsi

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the next disruptive technology, and so are the development processes and validation requirements of its components. With a greater emphasis on EV Electronic Control Units (ECUs), end-to-end development becomes highly complex and requires huge investment, skill and effort. There are various challenges involved in the validation of EV ECUs.

Tata Elxsi’s eMOBILITY HILS is the go-to platform, where the EV ECUs such as Battery Management Systems (BMS), DC-DC Converters, Chargers and Motor Controllers are validated at both signal level and power level. This concept increases test coverage. Critical EV components like motor and battery pack are also brought under the purview of testing through this concept.

Jihas Khan from Tata Elxsi talks about the architecture used, components employed, plant models utilized, validation strategy, sample test cases and the advantages of the proposed HILS framework. The challenges of validating homologation standards are also covered.

The presentation includes a summary of the advantages of HILS, i.e. reduced time to market, cost-efficient quality results and enhanced test coverage when compared to proto car/real car testing, as well as further advantages of using HILS on EV platforms.

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