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Erich Meier, CTO, Method Park

Jeffrey Brehm, Managing Director, Accenture Consulting

Increased cost pressure is likely to remain long after the pandemic is over. The skyrocketing complexity of developing new products is also set to continue. Once more, engineering leaders will be asked to do even more with less. Streamlined processes will be mission critical.

The product development process (PDP) brings a product to the marketplace from planning to production. While some organizations still describe their PDP in documents, leading engineering companies have achieved significant improvements by transitioning to a model-based PDP.

In this webinar, Erich Meier, CTO at Method Park and Jeffrey Brehm, Managing Director at Accenture Consulting present the model-based approach and share experience gathered in process rollouts across automotive, aerospace, and medical device industries. They also discuss the achievements of adopting organizations, resulting in a lean PDP with a reduction of up to 66% in procedures, shorter time to market, faster proficiency in new methods and tools, and reduced compliance efforts and overall costs.

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