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Omar Alshabibi, Lead Product Manager, ESCRYPT | LinkedIn

Registering and enrolling V2X end entities such as Onboard Units (OBUs) and Roadside Units (RSUs) in a secured manner to a V2X Public-Key-Infrastructure (PKI) is a critical process that automotive Tier 1s and OEMs must fulfil.

A vital element of the registration and enrollment process is to make it cost-effective without compromising the security and compliance of the global policy requirements.

In this free webinar, ESCRYPT’s Omar Alshabibi explains how to bootstrap a V2X OBU or RSU at the manufacturing plant of an OEM or Tier 1 supplier in the most efficient way, leveraging an existing IT infrastructure setup.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Overall bootstrapping process of V2X end entities
  • Current challenges for OEMs & recommendations on how to address these challenges
  • Question and answer session

Webinar video

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Omar Alshabibi

Lead Product Manager, ESCRYPT