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Dr. Jan Holle, Lead Product Manager IDPS, ESCRYPT | LinkedIn

As vehicle connectivity increases, new gateways are opening up for hacker attacks. Preventing such attacks, or at least detecting them in time to initiate countermeasures, is imperative for the effective protection of today’s vehicles.

In this free webinar, ESCRYPT‘s Dr. Jan Holle provides unique insight into the deployment of network-based intrusion detection systems (IDS) in vehicles. Dr Holle discusses today’s network IDS approaches and in particular, the benefits of a rule-based IDS and methods of integrating such a system in the vehicle architecture.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Overview of IDS approaches and benefits of a rule-based IDS
  • The importance of tooling for IDS configuration
  • How IDS can support during vehicle validation
  • Network IDS and AUTOSAR
  • Benefits of CycurIDS
  • Continuous protection: How to secure an Ethernet-based E/E architecture

Webinar video

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Dr. Jan Holle

Lead Product Manager IDPS, ESCRYPT