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Debashis Panigrahi, Portfolio Manager, Sasken | LinkedIn

Vasudevan Mukundan, Architect-System Software, Sasken | LinkedIn

As vehicular electronics become increasingly complex and the speed of software delivery increases, OEMs must adapt their validation processes to ensure that quality is not compromised.

In this free webinar, Sasken’s Debashis Panigrahi and Vasudevan Mukundan explain how OEMs can use an adaptable, fully automated, yet simple framework to expedite their cockpit validation journey while maintaining quality and cost-effectiveness.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Overview of automated test case and regression suite creations and intelligent cloud-based log analysis
  • Understand the challenges in the current system
  • Gain insight into component performance and software maturity using data analytics
  • Learn how to reduce time-to-market and lower the cost of ownership
  • Discover how to deliver seamless cloud enablement with the requisite security

Webinar video

Webinar slides

Meet the experts

Debashis Panigrahi

Portfolio Manager, Sasken

Vasudevan Mukundan

Architect-System Software, Sasken