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Andrei Sin, Senior Embedded Software Engineer, Garrett Motion | LinkedIn

George Olaru, Cyber Security Engineering Manager, Garrett Motion | LinkedIn

The adoption of Automotive Ethernet in vehicles has been rapidly increasing, showcasing its versatility as a reliable and proven communication technology. However, its broad implementation introduces many cybersecurity vulnerabilities, both from within and outside the vehicle.

In this free webinar, Garrett Motion’s George Olaru and Andrei Sin analyze current and future network architectures and explore the cybersecurity solutions in use, assessing their scope and advantages.

The experts will also examine how well these solutions align with the regulations and showcase a cybersecurity analysis flow that adds value in case of a real cyber-attack on the vehicle.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Understand current and future Automotive Ethernet network architectures
  • Gain insight into the spectrum of cybersecurity threats, both internal and external
  • Explore available security solutions and mitigation strategies
  • Learn about the broader implications of incidents, distinguishing between false and true positives
  • Find out about the UN R155 regulation scope and applicability
  • Discover how to achieve cyber resilience by going beyond standard compliance

Webinar video

Webinar slides

Meet the experts

Andrei Sin

Senior Embedded Software Engineer, Garrett Motion

George Olaru

Cyber Security Engineering Manager, Garrett Motion