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Chara Diaz, Battery Department Manager, Element Materials Technology | LinkedIn

Third-party battery testing is not just a process; it’s a crucial part of the electric vehicle (EV) battery industry. It enables comprehensive, unbiased analysis across chemistries and form factors essential to overcoming new technologies’ challenges.

In this free webinar, Element’s Chara Diaz explores the trends dominating battery technology. The expert showcases the requested tests for emerging solutions and explains how moving beyond single-product OEM testing allows holistic landscape understanding, ensuring reliability, safety, and performance.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Explore the advantages of third-party testing and gain a broad view of industry trends by understanding different form factors, chemistries, and sizes
  • Gain insight into a valuable roadmap for industry players looking to navigate the dynamic market
  • Understand the challenges in emerging technologies to enable informed decision-making in the rapidly evolving energy-storage landscape
  • Discover why third-party testing is instrumental to meeting the demands of a dynamic and competitive market

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Chara Diaz

Battery Department Manager, Element Materials Technology