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Sebastian Ohl, Senior Product Manager, Elektrobit | LinkedIn

Vehicle architectures are evolving from complex networks of individual electronic control units (ECUs) to a handful of ultra-powerful high-performance computers (HPCs).

In the rapid transition to intelligent and connected vehicles, software differentiation is critical to maximizing ROI. However, equally critical, but perhaps not quite as sexy, is infrastructure. Both pieces of the puzzle are important, but how can you empower your team to focus more resources on the lucrative differentiating software while still prioritizing essential infrastructure projects?

In this free webinar, EB’s Dr Sebastian Ohl outlines a new approach to the development and integration of next-generation automotive architectures based on HPC that will save OEMs and Tier 1s time, resources and money, empowering them to focus on more lucrative projects.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • How to jump-start next-generation automotive infrastructure projects, saving time, resources and money
  • How to reduce the complexity of future vehicle designs, simplify integration efforts and improve flexibilityele

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Sebastian Ohl

Senior Product Manager, Elektrobit