A trunk full of data: Enabling immense data intake for tomorrow’s automated vehicles

Simon Tiedemann, Product Manager EB Assist Test Lab, Elektrobit | LinkedIn

Klaas Mertens, Global Solutions Architect, Equinix | LinkedIn

Efficiently processing the massive data volumes required for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving development – up to hundreds of terabytes of data every day – poses a particular challenge for the automotive industry.

In this free webinar, Simon Tiedemann, Product Manager EB Assist Test Lab at Elektrobit and Klaas Mertens, Global Solutions Architect at Equinix, discuss ways to manage data for ADAS and automated driving.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Data has gravity – find out why data management is an issue for ADAS
  • Data has variety – experience why intelligent data collection at the edge is key (data-tagging, hot vs. cold data, OTA)
  • Data lives everywhere, is global and collaboration is key – how data should be collected, stored and managed and be accessible by the right parties
  • Why hybrid/multi-cloud models are increasingly the de facto choice

Meet the experts

Klaas Mertens

Global Solutions Architect, Equinix