Critical sealing and thermal interface material solutions for battery systems

, 4pm Stuttgart | 7:30pm Mumbai | 10am Detroit
Electric Vehicle BatteryElectric VehiclesLightweightingMaterialsThermal Management

Dr. Katherine Zhang, Senior Application Engineering Manager Asia, Datwyler

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In this free, 60-minute webinar, Datwyler’s Dr. Katherine Zhang discusses innovations in new mobility battery applications, from critical sealing solutions to effective thermal management.

The expert will also present capabilities designed to optimize battery safety and performance, including new, foldable gasket technology and advanced lightweight thermal interface materials (TIMS).

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Discover how lightweight thermal interface materials ensure optimal operating temperature, increase the battery’s lifetime, and prevent thermal runaway events
  • Gain insight into innovative foldable gasket solutions for battery packs, which offer an alternative to cure-in-place and form-in-place sealing solutions
  • Learn about the latest developments in component design and understand how complex part geometries allow every critical sealing solution to be optimized
  • Discover a co-engineering approach which identifies challenges so that they can be understood and overcome