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, 10am Stuttgart | 2:30pm Mumbai | 4am Detroit

Illia Safiulin, Product Manager, Elektrobit | LinkedIn

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The automotive industry is moving towards zonal architectures, and challenges are already associated with this trend. Some of these challenges we can estimate, and others we can only assume. Nevertheless, potential solutions are already available to cope with those challenges.

In this free, 45-minute webinar, Elektrobit’s Illia Safiulin will explore multiple solutions and estimate their impact on a real-life scenario regarding in-vehicle communication networks.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Gain insight into the challenges zonal architectures might bring
  • Understand offloading and acceleration of network-specific tasks
  • Learn about the separation of applications from networks

Meet the experts

Illia Safiulin

Product Manager, Elektrobit