Efficient CFD-App for aerodynamic performance analysis

Sanjin Saric, Solution Manager Virtual Vehicle Dynamics, AVL | LinkedIn

Jan Viher, Team Leader Vehicle and Driveline Analysis, AVL | LinkedIn

Uros Cvelbar, Simulation Engineer Software Services, AVL

With the new era of eMobility, the creation of efficient vehicle aerodynamics is becoming increasingly important. New regulations drastically increase the number of necessary aerodynamic design analyses, as does the need for rapid and reliable aerodynamic performance prediction.

In this free webinar, experts from AVL explain how to use a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solution to ensure consistent and reliable results and expedite the automotive aerodynamics design process.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Discover how a powerful solution App with built-in know-how for non-expert users can create simulations for innovative and faster design
  • Learn how a virtually meshing-less solution for external vehicle aerodynamics leads to efficiency, accuracy and ease of use
  • Discover the benefits of a simple guided workflow, from the CAD surface import to the simulation setup, execution and automated post-processing
  • Find out how to impact design before the initial prototype by accurately ranking different exterior design configurations in the early development stage
  • Learn how to achieve rapid and reliable prediction of aerodynamic performance with consistent results across the CAE teams

Meet the experts

Sanjin Saric

Solution Manager Virtual Vehicle Dynamics, AVL

Jan Viher

Team Leader Vehicle and Driveline Analysis, AVL