How to achieve fast, flexible, and secure in-vehicle communication for next-generation vehicles

Illia Safiulin, Product Manager EB zoneo, Elektrobit | LinkedIn

In this free webinar, Elektrobit’s Illia Safiulin discusses the demands on software solutions needed for new zonal architectures.

The expert also explains how to fully utilize hardware capabilities to help cope with these new demands and create faster and more efficient and secure networking within a car.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Learn how automotive manufacturers and their suppliers can develop advanced, high-bandwidth communication systems for next-generation vehicles
  • Discover how to accomplish better computational resource utilization
  • Find out how to overcome challenges such as increasing data rates of in-vehicle networking, reducing MCU overheads on network-related tasks, and improving cyber security

Meet the experts

Illia Safiulin

Product Manager EB zoneo, Elektrobit