How to assess ride comfort and handling objectively

,  10am Detroit | 4pm Stuttgart
DataTesting and ValidationVehicle Dynamics

Nikolaus Huber, Development Owner AVL-DRIVE, AVL

Martin Markowitz, Development Engineer AVL-DRIVE, AVL | LinkedIn

Martin Steinbacher, Senior Product Owner AVL-DRIVE Reporting, AVL | LinkedIn

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With the rise of complexity in vehicle dynamics control systems, gaining experience in lateral and vertical driving dynamics is becoming more than ever.

In this free, 60-minute webinar, AVL’s Nikolaus Huber, Martin Markowitz, and Martin Steinbacher present a series of tools that help OEMs and their suppliers achieve consumer acceptance and excitement in the areas of vehicle handling and ride comfort.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Automatic event detection: an objective assessment based on year-long experience
  • Fast reporting and visualization of data
  • Competitor benchmarking, target setting, and assessment of model quality in a virtual optimization closed-loop process
  • Attribute balancing (tradeoff between lateral performance and driving comfort), quality gate tracking, and end of line tests

Meet the experts

Martin Steinbacher

Senior Product Owner AVL-DRIVE Reporting, AVL