Overcoming EMC challenges in electric vehicles with innovative filter concepts

Bastian Arndt, Software and Functions Team Manager, AVL

Peter Olbrich, Senior Expert EMC / Electro-Acoustic Simulation, AVL | LinkedIn

The adoption of the 800V electric powertrain is becoming more widespread as automakers strive to improve the performance of their electric vehicles by reducing weight, delivering more continuous power, and cutting charge times. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) plays a crucial role in the safety and reliability of such vehicles, and so new and innovative ways of thinking in EMC design are required.

In this free webinar, AVL’s Bastian Arndt and Peter Olbrich provide insight into modern simulation-based filter development techniques, which enable the adoption of passive filters into an electric environment.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • An overview of automotive trends that pose challenges to EMC development
  • How to minimize EMC risks and reduce development costs with innovative filter solutions
  • An introduction to AVL’s hybrid filter concept, which combines active and passive components
  • Developing passive EMC filters to meet application requirements during the concept development phase

Meet the experts

Peter Olbrich

Senior Expert EMC / Electro-Acoustic Simulation, AVL