The future of autonomous and electric vehicle acoustics: how to create a quiet, comfortable ride

Mehtap Kaplan, Marketing Manager Mobility EMEAI, Dow | LinkedIn

Sabrina Fregni, Senior R&D Leader EMEAI, Dow

Lorenzo Musiani, Associate TS&D Scientist EMEAI, Dow | LinkedIn

Alex Stepuk, Associate TS&D Scientist, Dow | LinkedIn

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As autonomous and electric vehicle trends grow in the automotive industry, changing noise sources are causing consumers to demand higher comfort levels. Consequently, OEMs are being challenged to offer more sustainable ways to tackle dampening at various frequencies, temperatures and applications.

In this free, 60-minute webinar, the Dow MobilityScience™ team provides detailed insight into polyurethane and acrylic solutions that can overcome these challenges.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Dow MobilityScience as a key solution partner for acoustic solutions in mobility, addressing changing acoustics requirements in electrified, autonomous, shared and connected cars
  • Acoustics polyurethane and acrylic materials that enable damping at different temperatures and broad frequency range while fulfilling fire resistant standards
  • Flexibility in design and application through sprayable liquid acrylic sound damping technologies

Meet the experts

Mehtap Kaplan

Marketing Manager Mobility EMEAI, Dow

Sabrina Fregni

Senior R&D Leader EMEAI, Dow

Lorenzo Musiani

Associate TS&D Scientist EMEAI, Dow

Alex Stepuk

Associate TS&D Scientist, Dow