V&V solutions for ADAS/AD applications in the commercial vehicle industry – how to achieve highest development efficiency

Gernot Hasenbichler, Senior Product Manager ADAS for Truck and Bus, AVL | LinkedIn

Hermann Felbinger, Senior Test Engineer, AVL

Fredrik Königsson, Skill Team Leader, AVL | LinkedIn

In this free webinar, experts from AVL present an approach to create test programs for the highest coverage with uncompromised safety and present selected test execution approaches offering highest testing efficiency.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Understand numerous modern approaches to highly-efficient ADAS development
  • Learn about methods for test program optimization reaching the highest coverage with uncompromised safety
  • Understand the possibilities different testing environments offer
  • Learn about AVL‘s platform, which enables seamless testing
  • Learn how to create a comprehensive test program for ADAS / AD development automatically

Meet the experts

Fredrik Königsson

Skill Team Leader, AVL