What does a future-proof open development ecosystem look like?

Dr. Wolfgang Puntigam, Global Business Unit Manager of Integrated Open Development Platform, AVL | LinkedIn

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The automotive industry is undergoing fundamental change. As a result, the classic vehicle development process now faces many challenges, such as increasing technical complexity, parallel powertrain design, the growing relevance of software for vehicle functions and shorter development times. Moving forward, the key to success will lie in a future-proof open development ecosystem, but what might this look like?

In this 60-minute webinar, Dr. Wolfgang Puntigam, Global Business Unit Manager Integrated and Open Development Platform at AVL, discusses new approaches within the vehicle development process and its evolution into an open development ecosystem.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Augmenting the classical process for an agile development ecosystem
  • Connecting silos for a seamless collaborative development framework
  • Using digital twin concepts to mirror the functional description of a virtual prototype from a multidisciplinary view
  • Augmenting the process with the vehicle in-use phase as a new development environment
  • Why an open development ecosystem is key for a future-proof development process