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Andreas Klegraf, Cross Functional Epic Owner Business Data Processing, ETAS | LinkedIn

Stefan Krassin, CEO, PLC2 | LinkedIn

Flexible measurement technology is critical in function development during early project phases.

When validating functions in later project phases, other measurement system properties are more dominant, including reliability, robustness, fail-safety, deterministic behaviour, low power consumption and compact dimensions. Thus, a test driver can perform validation or homologation at leisure and record all relevant data.

In this free webinar, Andreas Klegraf of ETAS and plc2’s Stefan Krassin explain how efficient data logging enables ADAS developers to measure, log, and process relevant data.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Understand the different challenges for ADAS measurement technology in the function development and validation phases
  • Learn how to achieve both data integrity and data compression
  • Discover why using an alternative to PC-based solutions makes sense in the later phases
  • Find out how efficient data logging can accelerate function development by using AI-supported processes

Webinar video

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Meet the experts

Andreas Klegraf

Cross Functional Epic Owner Business Data Processing, ETAS

Stefan Krassin