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Dr Itamar Malkowsky, Technical Marketing Automotive Fluids, BASF | LinkedIn

Many current GLYSANTIN® coolant products are already used in electric vehicles. Yet, with ongoing developments of electric vehicles for the future, the requirements for cooling solutions are also shifting.

In this free webinar, Dr Itamar Malkowsky of BASF presents a new coolant family for electric vehicle applications designed to meet and exceed all essential requirements in safety, performance, and lifetime of the associated powertrain technologies.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Current coolant landscape in the EV market
  • Heat generation in electric vehicles
  • Scope and limitation of glycol/water-based coolants
  • BASF’s developments for safer indirect cooling solutions
  • BASF’s product portfolio of GLYSANTIN® ELECTRIFIEDTM coolants

Webinar video

Webinar slides

Meet the experts

Dr Itamar Malkowsky

Technical Marketing Automotive Fluids, BASF