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Paul Norris, Senior R&D Scientist, Afton Chemical | LinkedIn

Victoria Tsang, CTS Advisor, Afton Chemical | LinkedIn

Premium industrial gear products must now meet increasingly complex and demanding OEM and industry specifications encompassing various end uses, from small material handling systems to heavy-duty industrial operations. These uses need to be considered and catered for in any new development, pushing the boundaries even further.

In this free webinar, Afton Chemical’s Paul Norris and Victoria Tsang explore some key challenges in formulating for the modern industrial gear landscape and identify approaches to overcome them.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Discover how the OEM and base oil landscapes are evolving and creating new challenges for industrial gear formulations
  • Understand the challenges involved in meeting all specifications simultaneously due to competing requirements
  • Gain unique insight into friction control, which is one of the critical parameters
  • Learn that balancing antiwear additives can compensate for friction needs
  • Find out what impact additives and base oils have on elastomeric seals

Webinar video

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Meet the experts

Paul Norris

Senior R&D Scientist, Afton Chemical

Victoria Tsang

CTS Advisor, Afton Chemical