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Till Papenfus, NVH Engineer, HEAD Acoustics | LinkedIn

Vibrations are everywhere in a vehicle. Axles, suspension, powertrain, vehicle body and more—all components can be set into vibration during operation, and cause unwanted noise development, unpleasant feel or even fatigue fractures.

For the development and improvement of existing vibration problems, the Operating Deflection Shape analysis (ODS) has proven to be a fast and effective method. With the help of this analysis, the different vibration modes on a device for different operating conditions and speeds can be clearly and comprehensively visualized in 3D models. In a further step, the vibration modes obtained in this way can be compared with calculation results or results from modal analysis, for example.

In this free webinar, Till Papenfus, NVH Engineer at HEAD Acoustics, guides attendees through a complete ODS analysis—from the measurement setup, via the measurement itself to evaluation—all in real-time. The demonstration shows how easy it is to animate vibrations in 3D for an overall NVH analysis, in order to get a clear picture of a vibration phenomenon using ODS analysis.

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Till Papenfus

NVH Engineer, HEAD Acoustics