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Dr. Richard Osborne, Global Technical Expert for Gasoline Combustion, Ricardo | LinkedIn

Roscoe Sellers, Chief Engineer, Ricardo | LinkedIn

With huge pressure on the powertrain to support a reduction in vehicle CO2, it is critical to leverage the most cost-effective benefits from the ongoing shift towards electrification. To support this goal, Ricardo has developed the Magma xEV engine concept to deliver major efficiency improvements.

A new range of technology building blocks become available from powertrain hybridisation, and can be effectively combined by 1-D and 3-D analysis to maximise their contribution. In this free webinar, Dr Richard Osborne, Ricardo Global Technical Expert for Gasoline Combustion and Roscoe Sellers, Ricardo Chief Engineer, showcase a path towards the next generation of ultra-high efficiency engines for electrified powertrains.

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Meet the experts

Dr. Richard Osborne

Global Technical Expert for Gasoline Combustion, Ricardo

Roscoe Sellers

Chief Engineer, Ricardo