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Guilermo Pezzetto, Senior Global Product Manager Racing, AVL | LinkedIn

Michael Peinsitt, Skill Team Leader Racing, AVL | LinkedIn

Simulation is one of the key elements in racing. Learn about how the powerful AVL simulation tool package can become your essential asset for success. After a short presentation of each toolchain component, the speakers provide concrete application examples by using real data.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • The integrated AVL RACING toolchain covers the entire process. From vehicle dynamics simulation to automated data analysis and result visualization, it encompasses the whole system in real-time.
  • The vehicle dynamics simulation toolchain consists of AVL VSM™, AVL DRIVE™ RACE, AVL SIMBOOK™ and AVL KINSOLVER™. It is tailored for your unique racing applications.
  • Each tool can be applied as a standalone solution, or as part of a fully integrated system that can simulate, manage and analyze your relevant vehicle data.
  • No data export or reformatting necessary. This means that you can use the same model anywhere without any simplifications.
  • With the AVL VSM (Vehicle Simulation Model) cloud application you can greatly amplify the computing power. This makes it possible to analyze up to 100,000 laps to find the best possible setup for race day.

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Meet the experts

Guilermo Pezzetto

Senior Global Product Manager Racing, AVL

Michael Peinsitt

Skill Team Leader Racing, AVL