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Kurt Engeljehringer, Business Development Manager - Emission Testing, AVL

Manfred Linke, Business Development Manager, AVL

Xaver Ryppa, Global Segment Manager, AVL ETS

Marco Schoeggl, AVL

Arnd Heiden, AVL

Post-Euro 6 emission regulations will affect vehicles with pure internal combustion engines (ICE) as well as hybrid, battery and fuel cell electric vehicles. As well as a further tightening of limits, a requirement to analyse additional pollutants is expected.

This webinar focuses on the devices required for a chassis dyno testbed, and the effects of Post-Euro 6.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • The emission limits for NOx will be reduced and there is already a focus on NO2 due to its role in urban air quality
  • A measurement system for additional pollutants such as N2O, NH3, alcohols and aldehydes will be required for certification
  • In terms of the particle number, measurement of smaller particles down to 10nm is required
  • To cope with RDE requirements, efficiency is key, and OEMs are keen to run RDE cycles in chassis dynos as well as in powertrain and engine testbed
  • To be ready for Post Euro-6 emission testing, only minor upgrades of an existing emission chassis dyno testbed will be necessary

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