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Kelby Weilnau, Technical Product Manager for NVH applications, VI-grade | LinkedIn

The challenge in automotive road noise investigation is to accurately identify and mitigate the complex interplay of airborne and structure-borne sources to meet stringent noise level targets and enhance overall vehicle comfort and refinement.

In this free webinar, Kelby Weilnau of VI-grade explains how sound and vibration data analysis can help revolutionize automotive engineering. The presentation also explores how the VI-NVHSim software empowers engineers to dissect road noise intricacies, enhancing efficiency and precision in vehicle development processes.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Discover the power of VI-NVHSim, a cutting-edge tool tailored for precise noise and vibration analysis in automotive engineering
  • Learn how VI-NVHSim brings sound and vibration data to life, allowing for comprehensive analysis and targeted solutions
  • Explore practical use cases, including troubleshooting road and wind noise, pre-cursor analysis for Transfer Path Analysis, and more

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Kelby Weilnau

Technical Product Manager for NVH applications, VI-grade