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Michael Hoffmann, Senior Expert in Simulation-Driven Development, VI-grade | LinkedIn

In recent years, the global automotive industry has been transitioning from a prototype-heavy testing environment to an upfront simulation-driven approach, allowing OEMs and suppliers to save time and resources by virtually testing and refining their designs.

However, subjective evaluation requiring physical prototypes remains the critical bottleneck to completing this transition, which means change is needed.

In this free webinar, VI-grade’s Michael Hoffmann explains how to remove this bottleneck by making product development more human-centric so that engineers, managers, and customer focus groups can assess the driving experience throughout the development process.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Understand the upcoming challenges of today’s automotive market, the related drawbacks of the traditional physical testing approach, and the shortcomings of digital initiatives
  • Gain insight into the progress made by some stakeholders in decreasing the need for physical prototypes, with the ultimate goal of virtual sign-off and winning the zero prototypes challenge
  • Learn about the importance of a human-centric approach aimed at assessing the driving experience throughout the whole development process
  • Discover the critical success factors and learn from best practices from early adopters

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Michael Hoffmann

Senior Expert in Simulation-Driven Development, VI-grade