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Gerald Zotter, Product Manager for Thermal Management Test Beds, AVL | LinkedIn

Today’s thermal management development environment is based on steady-state testing which cannot meet the future requirements of electrified powertrains and vehicles.

In this free webinar, AVL experts explain how, by using a model-based testing approach, the company’s ThermoLab solves these challenges by frontloading several development tasks from the road to the testbed, ultimately reducing development time, cost and risk.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Existing thermal management development environments are unable to meet future vehicle and powertrain requirements
  • Smart vehicle thermal management systems solve these issues – but they are more complex and require adaptations in testing environments and methods
  • AVL’s ThermoLab meets future testing requirements
  • The target conflict of optimised passenger comfort versus driving range can be solved using ThermoLab in an early development phase in order to reduce risks during prototype testing
  • Using ThermoLab cuts development time, cost and risks and can even skip a prototype generation

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Gerald Zotter

Product Manager for Thermal Management Test Beds, AVL