Environmental testing at FEV eDLP: advanced battery development through a one-stop-shop approach

,  8am Detroit | 2pm Stuttgart | 5.30pm Mumbai
Electric Vehicle BatteryElectric VehiclesTesting and Validation

Hans-Dieter Sonntag, Executive Vice President, FEV eDLP

Tobias Kaufmann, Technical Specialist, FEV

Martin Hennebrüder, Team Leader Electronics & Electrification, FEV Europe

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The growth of the global electric vehicle market poses a challenge for high-voltage battery development. Automakers must strive to meet consumer demand for BEVs with optimum range, performance, and safety, but the development and testing process can be costly and time-consuming.

In this free, 60-minute webinar, FEV’s Hans-Dieter Sonntag, Tobias Kaufmann, and Martin Hennebrüder discuss its one-stop-shop approach to high-voltage battery development and testing. The experts also explain how potentially unsafe DUT transportation from one test location to another is made obsolete at eDLP, which conducts all mandatory environmental test stages under one roof.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Overview of FEV’s eDLP battery development and test center: in total 70 testing stations under one roof, 15 stations covering all common environmental tests
  • Discover a one-stop-shop approach for high-voltage battery development and testing
  • Mitigation of transportation risks and costs during environmental testing
  • Shortened product confirmation time