Optimising hybrid vehicles in a world of increasing powertrain complexity

Joshua Dalby, Principal Engineer, Ricardo | LinkedIn

Richard Gordon, Head of Engineering Consultants and Technical Experts, Ricardo | LinkedIn

As the electrification of the transport sector continues to grow, hybrid powertrains are becoming increasingly complex.

In order to capture the interactions between conflicting attributes and reduce product development time and cost, improved virtual toolchains are required. A system-level optimisation approach allows for robust cost/benefit trade-offs, and can better inform powertrain architecture decisions.

In this webinar, Joshua Dalby, Principal Engineer and Richard Gordon, Head of Engineering Consultants and Technical Experts, Ricardo, present the company’s system optimisation methods utilising an integrated co-simulation approach, known as IMBD. This approach enables simultaneous optimisation of vehicle energy usage and the calibration of powertrain sub-systems through real-time simulation models and industry-leading optimisation tools.