Optimizing EV battery system safety in a virtual environment

Gernot Maier, Specialist Business Development Battery, AVL

Juergen Schneider, Solution Manager Virtual Battery Development, AVL | LinkedIn

The safety of the vehicle battery system during hazardous events is of critical importance. In this free webinar, AVL experts discuss the challenges the automotive industry faces regarding battery safety and how to tackle them by efficiently combining testing and simulation.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Gain insight into current battery safety challenges
  • Discover different simulation approaches for battery thermal runaway on component and system levels
  • Learn how to gain valuable insight into battery systems and reduce complexity when carrying out thermal runaway simulations
  • Find out how easily complex battery models can be set up using the “Thermal Runaway Wizard” – even for non-experts

Meet the experts

Juergen Schneider

Solution Manager Virtual Battery Development, AVL