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Simon Edwards, Global Director Technology , Ricardo

Andy Lane, Ricardo Technical Lead for PaREGEn, Ricardo | LinkedIn

In this free webinar, Ricardo’s Simon Edwards and Andy Lane will discuss the PaREGEn project, in which Ricardo has worked on lean-burn combustion – a formidable means for reducing the CO2 emissions of new passenger car gasoline engines – but which demands the use of sophisticated emissions control.

The range of technologies is a good basis for the future development and viability of the ICE in a heavily electrified powertrain for such vehicles.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Overview of the PaREGEn demonstrator vehicle technologies which are available now for imminent market introduction
  • High brake thermal efficiency leading to low fuel consumption (15% CO2 reduction)
  • Next generation aftertreatment for lean gasoline emissions control with 48V EHC and particulate number >10 nm
  • Advanced air handling and high energy ignition system to support LP EGR and lean combustion up to λ = 1.55

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Simon Edwards

Global Director Technology , Ricardo

Andy Lane

Ricardo Technical Lead for PaREGEn, Ricardo