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Simon Williams, RDE Operations Leader, MAHLE Powertrain | LinkedIn

The latest fast-changing light-duty vehicle regulations pose significant challenges for all manufacturers, especially small-volume stakeholders.

With the CARB LEV 4 regulation and EU7 and EPA Tier 4 proposals coming into force over the next six years, the race to achieve compliance is critical for small-volume manufacturers.

In this free webinar, MAHLE Powertrain’s Simon Williams discusses critical considerations, including the need for engines to run at Lambda-1 across the whole operating range, the introduction of new limits for non-ICE emissions (e.g. battery durability, brake and tyre particulates), and updated diagnostic requirements.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Understand the key elements and timescales of future emissions legislation
  • Discover the key market routes to meet certification across major markets
  • Learn about the technologies available to meet all the requirements of future emissions legislation

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Simon Williams

RDE Operations Leader, MAHLE Powertrain