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Dr. Tom Brooks, Chief Engineer, MAHLE Powertrain | LinkedIn

Gordon Kennedy, Technical Specialist, MAHLE Powertrain | LinkedIn

Exciting new technologies are becoming available at an increasing rate, and our experienced and versatile engineers are constantly learning and discovering new ways to harness them. Change is the only constant, yet to share our learning and make the most of these changes, we must develop and use stable business processes and automated tools.

An agile approach gives our experienced specialists the freedom to help our clients find innovative solutions while at the same time supporting them with a framework that ensures efficiency and quality.

In this free webinar, MAHLE Powertrain’s Tom Brooks and Gordon Kennedy explain how MApps, the general data processing toolset, which was developed using this approach, helps deliver customer benefits in the field of vehicle calibration.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Understand MAHLE Powertrain’s proven approach to help our clients deliver robust products and maintain brand quality
  • Discover how to maximise utilisation of expensive and/or limited resources
  • Learn how borrowing a two-stage batch processing approach from big data can make user scripts more efficient, maintainable and reusable
  • Understand how short-cycle development iterations with close dialogue between software specialists and users lead to a fast and efficient response to change

Webinar video

Webinar slides

Meet the experts

Dr. Tom Brooks

Chief Engineer, MAHLE Powertrain

Gordon Kennedy

Technical Specialist, MAHLE Powertrain