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Roberto De Vecchi, Director of Product Development, VI-grade | LinkedIn

Mauro Cavalletti, VI-CarRealTime Product Manager, VI-grade | LinkedIn

Iain Dodds, VI-WorldSim Product Manager, VI-grade | LinkedIn

Kelby Weilnau, VI-NVHSim Product Manager, VI-grade | LinkedIn

Stefano Bernini, VI-DriveSim Product Manager, VI-grade | LinkedIn

In the rapidly evolving landscape of automotive engineering, where innovation drives progress, engineers face multifaceted challenges in harnessing the power of software for simulation.

In this free webinar, experts from VI-grade present a comprehensive and dynamic approach to simulation software usage that can help engineers overcome the challenges caused by the increasing complexity of vehicle systems, coupled with demands for higher efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • VI-CarRealTime 2024.1 – Advanced interface and analysis, comprehensive modelling features, and optimized testing modes
  • VI-WorldSim 2024.1 – Revolutionary VR experience, custom graphics creation, enhanced HMI mapping, improved realism and immersion
  • VI-DriveSim 2024.1 – Simplified workflow, enhanced VI-Certified protocol for the integration of 3rd party solutions
  • VI-NVHSim 2024.1 (former NVH Simulator) – Faster and more accurate NVH prototyping, expanded data support

Webinar video

Webinar slides

Meet the experts

Roberto De Vecchi

Director of Product Development, VI-grade

Mauro Cavalletti

VI-CarRealTime Product Manager, VI-grade

Iain Dodds

VI-WorldSim Product Manager, VI-grade

Kelby Weilnau

VI-NVHSim Product Manager, VI-grade

Stefano Bernini

VI-DriveSim Product Manager, VI-grade