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Harald Mayrhofer, Team Leader Hybrid Application, AVL | LinkedIn

Mats Ivarson, Chief Engineer Test Field Innovation and Operation, AVL | LinkedIn

Combining powertrain engineering know-how with instrumentation and test system expertise allows the frontloading of hybrid development to be realized on the engine testbed while speeding up development work and reducing the number of prototypes needed.

In this free webinar, AVL experts explain how this approach can cut costs and reduce development time for all stakeholders.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Hybrid powertrain configurations reduce fuel consumption and limit pollutant emissions when compared to pure ICE powertrains
  • Finding optimal layouts and control strategies is a long and challenging task when using traditional development approaches which rely on a high number of vehicle prototypes
  • AVL’s new approach uses the existing engine testbed infrastructure combined with real-time simulation capabilities as a bridging element between the office and the vehicle development environment
  • Using the engine testbed allows for the measurement of real fuel consumption and, most importantly, accurate measurement of real gas and particulate emissions
  • This solution speeds up development work and lowers the number of prototypes needed which dramatically cuts costs and reduces development time

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Meet the experts

Harald Mayrhofer

Team Leader Hybrid Application, AVL

Mats Ivarson

Chief Engineer Test Field Innovation and Operation, AVL