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Murray Edington, Head of Electrified Powertrain, Drive System Design

Bence Falvy, Principal Engineer, Drive System Design

With a bewildering combination of system variables in a modern electrified drive units (EDU), selection of the optimal solution for a given application is well beyond human intuition.

In this free webinar, Drive System Design’s Murray Edington and Bence Falvy present a highly accessible, unique and independent methodology that helps to optimise, de-risk and future-proof electrified powertrain architecture selection. The methodology enables key decision-makers and non-specialists to visualise and filter down many thousands of possible solutions using simple filters and cost functions.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • The solution presented allows decision-makers and technical leaders to make objective, informed choices without becoming overwhelmed.
  • Making the correct system-level decisions upfront is critical, given the significant investments at stake.
  • Different motor technologies (IPM, SPM, IM, SR, AF etc.) have different optimal applications. There is no panacea, so a technology-agnostic approach is needed.
  • Vehicle class, transmission ratio(s), drive cycle, battery capacity etc. are also key inputs. The combinations stack up rapidly.
  • The optimal solution for a given application may be counterintuitive. For instance, a less efficient but lighter motor (high-speed IM) may result in a smaller battery and lower system costs in some cases.

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