New emissions limits: the challenges and solutions for Euro VII and the US

Dave Bennet, Chief Engineer, Heavy Duty Propulsion Solutions, Ricardo | LinkedIn

Andrew Auld, Principal Engineer, Performance Development, Ricardo | LinkedIn

In this free webinar, Ricardo’s Dave Bennet and Andrew Auld present the company’s view on the future direction of Heavy-Duty On-Highway emissions limits in Europe and the United States, considering parallel challenges of CO2 improvement, and comparing regulations to the currently proposed carbon requirements.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Overview of Ricardo research into how to meet the future challenging standards
  • The nature of the challenge for engine OEMs arising from the tighter emissions legislation expected before 2030 plus CO2 requirements
  • The requirement for engine upgrades to improve efficiency towards 50%
  • The necessity for more efficient aftertreatment solutions
  • Ricardo can offer Euro VII readiness workshops to support meeting these challenges