Overcoming electric motor development challenges with a single dynamic torque and force sensor

,  10am Stuttgart | 2.30pm Mumbai
DrivetrainElectric VehiclesSensorsTesting and Validation

David Krasser, Product / Key Account Manager, AVL | LinkedIn

Pirmin Proier, Product Manager, AVL | LinkedIn

Mario Propst, Senior System Line Manager E-Drive, AVL | LinkedIn

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Today’s E-Motors are increasingly required to facilitate higher maximum speeds and power densities. As a result, electric vehicle engineers face significant challenges with regards to the mechanical design of the rotor, bearings, windings, and housing. These motors also tend to have higher cogging torque and torque ripples, which can create challenges in terms of electromagnetic design.

In this free, 60-minute webinar, AVL’s David Krasser, Pirmin Proier and Mario Propst introduce a new, innovative high dynamic torque analysis system, which enables the measurement of torque and lateral forces (fx, fy) at any rotation speed with a single sensor.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • A holistic picture of E-Motor characteristics
  • One sensor for highest dynamic torque, lateral forces and NVH
  • Comparison: simulation versus reality
  • Early validation of mechanical and electromagnetic design
  • Large field of applications e.g. E-Motor – inverter – optimization