A compact pre-chamber ignition system for high-efficiency gasoline engines

Mike Bassett, Chief Engineer - Research & Advanced Engineering, MAHLE Powertrain | LinkedIn

Adrian Cooper, Head of New Technology & Data Management, MAHLE Powertrain | LinkedIn

The MAHLE Jet Ignition® (MJI) concept uses a pre-chamber to produce jets of partially combusted species that induce ignition in the main combustion chamber enabling rapid, stable combustion.

In this free webinar, MAHLE Powertrain’s Adrian Cooper and Dr Mike Bassett present the latest test results, which demonstrate the capability of the passive MJI system to enable whole map λ=1 operation, as well as idle operation and catalyst light-off capability, equivalent to those of a conventional spark plug.

The passive MJI system has been combined with a high geometric compression ratio, Miller-cycle operation and exhaust gas recirculation to achieve high brake thermal efficiency. The system has been developed to function across the entire engine operating envelope, without the requirement for a second ignitor, and can be readily implemented into existing cylinder heads.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Passive MJI enables fast, stable combustion
  • Knock mitigation benefits enable higher performance or increased compression ratio for higher efficiency
  • Capability to provide whole map operation without the need for a second ignition system
  • A compact design allows installation into existing cylinder heads with only minimal changes

Meet the experts

Adrian Cooper

Head of New Technology & Data Management, MAHLE Powertrain