Developing heavy-duty hydrogen powertrains for 2025+

Andrea Trevisan, Strategy and Business Development Lead, Ricardo | LinkedIn

Dr Cedric Rouaud, Global Technical Expert - Thermal Systems and R&D lead Fuel Cell system, Ricardo | LinkedIn

Trevor Downes, Chief Engineer – Propulsion, Ricardo | LinkedIn

In this free webinar, Andrea Trevisan, Trevor Downes and Dr Cedric Rouaud from Ricardo discuss the company’s approach to developing hydrogen combustion engine and hydrogen fuel cell systems using virtual product development (VPD), advanced control and tests.

Using VPD can reduce hydrogen propulsion system cost and development time by up to 30% while improving the efficiency of the overall system to be competitive with diesel powertrains before 2030.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Ricardo hydrogen engine and fuel cell system capability
  • Total cost of ownership analysis for commercial vehicles and off-highway machines
  • Virtual product development process for combustion system development reducing project cost and duration
  • Multiple fuel cell stack optimisation using 0D and 1D plant modelling to improve the overall efficiency of the system by 15%
  • Advanced control using the Ricardo fuel cell control model with electronic horizon