Meet the experts

Hongbo Sun

Senior Application Manager - Application Team Electrification, AVL

Sophia Suo

Head, Electrified Powertrain, KPIT

Christoph Supper

Skill Team Leader Unit Under Test, AVL

Dr. Daniele Suzzki

Lead Engineer HV-Battery & EE Thermal, AVL

Amit Talwar

Solutions Engineer AI Applications, IBM US

Giulio Tarquinio

Senior Manager - Vehicle Attributes, Tesla

Tom Tasky

Director, Intelligent Mobility, FEV North America

Reinhard Tatschl

Principal Research and Technology Manager, AVL

Dr. Reinhard Tatschl

Research and Technology Manager, AVL

Bill Taylor

Managing Director, kVA by UL

James Taylor

Chief Engineer – Analysis, Development & Optimisation, MAHLE Powertrain

Nando Tedeschi

Business Development Director, Global Automotive, Novelis

Dr. Niikuni Tetsuya

Co-Chair UNECE Task Force, National Traffic Safety and Environment Laboratory

Nishant Tholiya

VP & Business Leader Powertrain, KPIT

William Thorne

Regional Sales Metal Systems North America, BASF

Jácint Tordai

Lead Product Manager, NNG

Eyal Traitel

Head of Customer Success, Cybellum

Isaac Trefz

Product Manager COQOS SDK, OpenSynergy

Andrea Trevisan

Strategy and Business Development Lead, Ricardo

David Tromba

Senior Penetration Tester, AVL

Brad Tuft

Research Scientist, Dow

Aidan Turnbull

Solution Leader - xEV Component Test, HORIBA MIRA

Frank Uhlig

Head of User Experience and User Interface Design, Elektrobit

Kevin Valdek


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