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Dr. Alexander Fandakov, Powertrain Research & Technology, IAV | LinkedIn

Michael Rieß, Manager Thermodynamics ICE, IAV | LinkedIn

Andreas Wohlrab, Manager Battery & Materials Science Lab, IAV

In the transition process to new powertrain concepts, thermal management is becoming increasingly important, offering fundamental levers for increasing efficiency and maximizing the lifespan of powertrain components.

In this free webinar, Dr. Alexander Fandakov presents insight into IAV’s model-based development methodology and how it can be employed for thermal management optimizations benefiting from new technologies.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Gain insight into IAV’s virtual development methodology based on predictive models enabling the optimization of thermal management at both component and system levels for different powertrain types
  • Find out how to apply the physical effect of a working fluid phase change across various components to address powertrain-specific pain points
  • Discover the benefits from the application of new technologies for improved waste heat handling in FCEVs regarding stack efficiency, aging and power density
  • Understand the mechanisms behind reducing battery aging with dedicated cooling design optimizations and improving the range of BEVs by combining phase change cooling with the storage of waste heat
  • Learn about the contribution of optimized thermal management to maximizing hydrogen ICE powertrain efficiency and achieving zero-emission, as well as future pollutant emission legislation conformity

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Meet the experts

Dr. Alexander Fandakov

Powertrain Research & Technology, IAV

Michael Rieß

Manager Thermodynamics ICE, IAV

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Andreas Wohlrab

Manager Battery & Materials Science Lab, IAV