Connected electronic horizon: how to achieve vehicle efficiency benefits now

Kenan Mustafa, Project technical leader – R&D Group, Ricardo | LinkedIn

Tomasz Larkowski, Principal Engineer – Propulsion Control, Ricardo | LinkedIn

In this free webinar, Ricardo’s Kenan Mustafa and Tomasz Larkowski present test results of the company’s latest demonstrator vehicle, ConnectHEV, which utilises the connected electronic horizon for energy efficiency improvement, enhanced assistive controls for greater comfort, and to enable smart planning for zero emissions in urban areas.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • The benefits of connected electronic horizon technology
  • The Ricardo approach to connected powertrain control
  • An overview of electronic horizon, VICS, RAS-R and holistic thermal management technologies demonstrated on the Ricardo ConnectHEV demonstrator vehicle and how they benefit consumers
  • The key benefits for an OEM of working with Ricardo to make the most of connected controls
  • How OEMs can benefit from reduced controls systems development time and cost and increased efficiency by working with Ricardo